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Beyond The Limits


An essential part of corporate life is to be able to anticipate the unforeseen or improvise with the little resources you have available. But what if this is your case every single day? What if you can’t always trust on your senses, what if you can’t hear, see, … With ‘Beyond the limits’ we want to promote G-Sport, but we also want to create an experience which teaches us how to move on when we can’t trust on the senses we generally rely on so heavily. Exercising efficiency in actions and planning, making ends meet with less communication, and so many others are things that will be touched upon.

Think special gloves that emulate a nervous illness, glasses that limit your eyesight, or interesting team exercises with headphones that limit your hearing abilities. These are just some of the situations you’ll find yourselves in, which we hope will create more mutual respect between you and your colleagues, but also for people who are confined by certain limitations in their day to day life.

This teambuilding is a cooperation with Ecco La Luna which we are very proud of, and we are happy to announce that with every Beyond the limits activity we donate 10% to a cause that works towards empowerment of people with a disability. #proud

From €50 per person
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Contact Gilles +32 486 24 39 47